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WaMu Gave Grandma's Money to Crooks

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The article appeared on May 21, 2007.

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Friday, March 17, 2006
Update on Refund from Client Care Relations
Last week I noted ("Refund in Process") I was told by Client Care Relations (CCR), 1-866-898-7489, the company that represents Identity Theft Prevention (ITP), the company that scammed my grandmother, that a refund was in process and she should be receiving a check within 7-10 business days.

I called back today to check up on the status of the refund check. To my utter shock and amazement, I learned that there had been a change in the status of the refund. David, employee #533, informed me that I had been misinformed by Louis (who really appeared at the time to have a very firm grasp of the process). A check has not yet been cut, much less mailed.

David stated that the check first would attempt to be directly deposited to my grandmother's Wamu account, which has now been closed of course. If that failed, then the process for cutting a refund check would start, but he did not know how long that would take or what exactly is involved. He said it could take several months.

A couple other interesting/disturbing facts I learned:

1. When I asked for the address of the company, he gave me a new address:
1320 State Route #9
Champlaine, NY 12919

First Google result: www.actionseniors.org

My question: why is the Action Alliance of Senior Citizens of Greater Philadelphia partnering with these scoundrels?

I think I've found the answer: they're a front for this crooked company.

The web page list a phone number: 1-800-454-2290. I'm currently on hold with this number but there's no no sign that anyone is ever going to pick up.

2. He said there was also another case on record for my grandma dating back to 9/15/2005. This involved another CCR client, Priority Assistance Group, that charged or attempted to charge my grandmother $398 (forget 3 -- 398 must be the magic number) for Group Prescription coverage.

My grandma never made any reference to this, making me think one of two things happened:

1. When the company tried to cash this check, it got stopped in process -- perhaps by Wamu (which would only make their failure to do so in this instance all the more maddening.)

2. The check was cashed but my grandma either overlooked it (not likely) or was too embarrassed to mention it (which I doubt, too.)

In any event, a refund has been requested on that case, too. It's in process.

I am going to write to the Canadian Competition Bureau again and apprise them of the latest news on my dealings with CCR.

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