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WaMu Gave Grandma's Money to Crooks

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New York Times Reporting on ICT

The article appeared on May 21, 2007.

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Friday, March 10, 2006
Refund in Process
Client Care Relations (CCR), 1-866-898-7489, the company that represents Identity Theft Protect (ITP), the company that scammed my grandmother, claims that a refund of the full amount of my grandma's check (the first one) is now being processed by Paramount Processing, the company that handles their refund processing. Yes, the business partnerships are all rather amazingly octopussian in nature. All this to rip off senior citizens over the phone -- that's free market synergy for you!

My grandma's not counting her refund checks before their cashed, but I don't doubt that they are sending her a refund.

Why? Was I too harsh in judging these business as sleazy scam artists?

Of course not. They just don't want too much of a fuss. They have enough victims that roll over meekly or don't even know where to start in trying to recover their money, that it's much simpler for them to just sweep away the troublemakers as quickly as possible.

What's funny is CCR was originally telling me that I had to send the junk mail my grandmother received back to the fraud merchants at ITP and call them back with a mailing receipt number before they could start processing the refunds. However, I called today to confirm the mailing information and I was told that the refund was already in process and a check should reach my grandma within the next couple weeks.

I went ahead and sent the material back by certified mail to the address CCR originally gave me:

Identity Theft Protection
1117 Desert Lane #100
Las Vegas, NV 89102

I'm curious to see what happens to the package, since this is the latest Google satellite photo of that location:

My certified receipt number:
7005 3110 0002 2159 9452

Feel free to track along from home.



How strange. USPS's tracking site says that it was accepted in Anaheim, CA. How'd it wind up there?
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