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WaMu Gave Grandma's Money to Crooks

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New York Times Reporting on ICT

The article appeared on May 21, 2007.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Message from State Investigator
I received the following response from the state investigator who contacted me yesterday:

Ok: never give out personal information (date of birth, address, social security, bank account) over the telephone, especially on calls that you have not initiated.

I'm glad to know at least one northern midwest state famous for its dairy products is taking forward action on this matter.

I admit my grandmother and I didn't file a complaint with any California state agencies because (1) we didn't know which one to contact and (2) we'd have no confidence it would make any difference. This message offers some encouragement and I will try to track down the appropriate state agency when I have time.

If you know a state or local agency that victims of this type of fraud can contact, please feel free to add the information in the comments to this post. I see this blog is becoming a clearinghouse/gathering point for people searching this issue and I hope it will continue.


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